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Anderson Valley Art Guild Membership Information & Application Form


The Anderson Valley Art Guild was formed in 2010 to create a structure to help promote Anderson Valley artists. Our mission and guidelines are:

1. To help visitors and locals find Anderson Valley artists.

2. To create a loose affiliation of artists who support each other in their art and to put  on an Open Studios art tour each year.

3. To create an historical record for producing Open Studios from year to year to make it easier for a new person to organize the art tour.

4. We raise money through an annual Art Guild fee to support an on-going web site for artist-members, with photos, information and links to the individual artist’s web sites and/or studios, as well as seed money for any other projects. (see below)

5. The guild can choose to produce other events and shows in addition to open studios.

Specifics of Guild Membership, Open Studios and Artist Eligibility:
1. The Anderson Valley Art Guild and Open Studios are open to individual artists (not galleries, collectives or shops) who have studios in Anderson Valley. 
(Artists without accessible or suitable studio site may show at other artist’s studio.)

2. The AV Art Guild and Open Studio event are non-juried, however we expect artist’s work to be of professional and similar quality to the work already shown during previous Open Studios.

3. To participate in Open Studios be a member of the AV Art Guild; however, Art Guild members are not required to participate in Open Studios.

4. Annual Art Guild membership goes from July 1- June 30.

5. Newcomers may join at any time, but note that the fee is not pro-rated, so joining by July will give you more benefit than joining later.

6. Fee for annual Art Guild membership is $25. mail to
Xenia King
PO Box 673
Boonville, CA 95415

7. If you wish to participate in Open Studios the fee is $90 per year and has a separate application if you are a new member.

8. Two artists who collaborate together or live and work at the same address may share Guild membership and fees if they choose, and/or Open Studio fee. They will receive just one listing on the web site, and/or the brochure. (We do encourage artists to pay individual fees to help support the Guild).

9. Annual Guild membership fees are non-refundable.

10. There is a one-time allowance for members with extenuating circumstances who may not be able to pay for a given year, limited to one artist per year. We may also choose to waive the Guild membership fee for new members, one or two a year, first year only, in order to try out Open Studios.


Annual Schedule

1. July 1- Annual Guild fee $25 for current members is due. (Pay no later than Aug. 31)

2. November 1- Open Studios-Send half ($45) or full payment ($90) to treasurer
Xenia King
PO Box 673
Boonville, CA 95415

3. January 15th- all entry forms and full payment due for open studios

4. April- work party

5. Memorial Day weekend (Sat., Sun. and Mon.) Open Studios, 11:00- 5:00

6. June or July- “After Party”

For a Guild Membership form, (DOC- please print and then fill out and mail) click here.

Please see Open Studios for Open Studios application if new member, and wish to participate in Open Studios

updated 2/5/16